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iPhone Application Release History

Release 4.9:
Status: released on 2014-09-19
What's new in this release:
- Increase server sync timeout to fix network latency problem for remote locations (like Seattle, Australia, NZ...)
- Update for iOS8 compliance.
- Fix a bug when deleting a flight when no filter is set.
- Clean parasite points and optimize flight trace.
Release 4.8:
Status: released on 2014-08-27
What's new in this release:
- Fix a crash when displaying some flight trace.
Release 4.7:
Status: released on 2014-08-19
What's new in this release:
- Fix flight number on the flight badge icon.
Release 4.6:
Status: released on 2014-05-07
What's new in this release:
- Improve stability.
Release 4.4 - 4.5:
Status: released on 2014-04-10
What's new in this release:
- iOS7: improve GPS Trace on iOS7.
Release 4.3:
Status: released on 2013-10-26
What's new in this release:
- iOS7: improve edition.
- Fix a crash when displaying altitude graph in specific conditions.
Release 4.1/4.2:
Status: released on 2013-10-16
What's new in this release:
- iOS7 - design adaption.
- Fix a bug when searching specific place on the map.
- Fix a bug on iO7 when saving a one-click flight.
- improve display of duration.
Release 4.0:
Status: released on 2013-09-18
What's new in this release:
- Notifications: You can now register to receive notifications from your favorite sites: when someone is flying there by example!
More notifications will come : weather info, security alert…etc
- Fix a bug when displaying flight date incorrectly after a sync with the server (Due to timezone)
Release 3.5:
Status: released on 2013-08-16
What's new in this release:
- In the One-click flight mode, display also wild landing in the list of landing place.
- You can launch turn-by-turn navigation to a site from site detail screen or from the site finder (device with iOS 6 minimum).
Release 3.4:
Status: released on 2013-07-30
What's new in this release:
- Search places around any location (not only current location as previous version). Interesting to plan a travel and pre-enter sites in your list.
- Tracking measure are done now every 30 secondes per default and every 10 secondes for higher precision (set from settings screen).
Release 3.3:
Status: released on 2013-05-24
What's new in this release:
- If english unit, altitude graph is in feet.
- Export trace to KML and send it by email as attachment. Remark: if Google Earth is installed on your mobile, clicking on the mail attachment will open your trace in Google earth directly.
- Fix a precision bug with flight trace on iOS6 (less parasite points).
- Fix a bug where sometimes pilot information had disappeared in the More screen.
Release 3.2:
Status: released on 2013-04-12.
What's new in this release:
- In the glider selection box, the purchase or test date is indicated. In case same brand-glider exists several times in your glider list.
- Search site map and site editor map displays name of places (Hybrid mode and not only standard as today).
Release 3.1:
Status: released on 2013-03-07.
What's new in this release:
- on device with old iOS 5.x, flight sharing is limited to email (previous version was crashing on iOS5 when trying to share).
Release 3.0:
Status: released on 2013-02-27.
What's new in this release:
- Share your flight directly from the flight detail page (Twitter, Facebook, Email…etc). Your friends can see directly your flight (info, trace, pictures) on Airlog website! You need first, to sync the flight with Airlog's cloud.
- Fix a crash in Photos attachment.
- Image attachment: no downscale for small image (smaller than 500kb).
Release 2.9.1:
Status: released on 2013-02-15.
What's new in this release:
- Fix crash when opening "More" screen on device with iOS 5.x
- On a site, you can now enter private notes (as now) and public notes which are displayed on the global site map. (Thanks to Thio from for the feedback on this point).
Release 2.9:
Status: released on 2013-01-30.
What's new in this release:
- Possibility to attach pictures to a flight, a place or a glider. Link pictures from your camera roll and sync them with the cloud, to restore them later. See directly in the object list (flight, place or glider) if some photos exist for this entry (blue icon with number of pictures on the line).
- Save the tracking switch state as a user preference.
- Fix a bug that didn't save correctly settings (english unit by example) as user preferences.
Release 2.8:
Status: released on 2013-01-06.
What's new in this release:
- New screen to save pilot information: activities, licenses,…etc. Accessible in the "More" screen.
- Fix a bug in the automatic assignment of landing or take-off place in a one-click flight. Problem was there for place with a negative latitude: Thanks to Gerardo (Pilot from Chile) for his help!
Release 2.7:
Status: released on 2012-12-14.
What's new in this release:
- Add possibility to enter notes on a glider details.
- Add wind orientations on a site. Wind orientations are also returned from site finder and displayed on site information.
- Display altitude and orientation on site list.
Release 2.6:
Status: released on 2012-10-31.
What's new in this release:
- Search new places around your position: Get sites from your current position and within a given distance. Search is performed from the Airlog pilot community database. Sites are displayed on a map and can be added in a click to your site list.
Release 2.5:
Status: released on 2012-10-17.
What's new in this release:
- Fix bug when setting altitude value of a place.
- Improve all picker selection in the flight editing screen.
- Improve ergonomy in form filling: Double-tap in screen to close input keyboard; press Return key in keyboard to close it on input text; Screen move automatically to display bottom field on editing.
Release 2.4:
Status: released on 2012-10-01.
What's new in this release:
- When calculating max altitude automatically from flight trace, calculate it in feet if english unit is on.
- Add Speed-Riding flight type.
- Fix a bug with iOS6 new maps when locating a place with double-tap.
- iOS 6 support and iphone5 resolution.
Release 2.3:
Status: released on 2012-08-22.
What's new in this release:
- Altitude graph.
Release 2.2:
Status: released on 2012-08-07.
What's new in this release:
- Improve flight site detection.
- Improve flight trace precision.
- Automatically store max altitude for a flight when trace tracking is active.
- Fix a random bug in the sync process.
Release 2.1:
Status: released on 2012-07-12.
What's new in this release:
- Increase Sync speed: optimize sync with server by adding data compression.
Release 2.0:
Status: released on 2012-06-28.
What's new in this release:
- Import a large number of flight (CSV file) on the website ( Accessible from your flights summary page.
- Correct number of flight for a glider and for a place (in detail place and detail glider screen).
- Flight LiveTracking: When you start a new flight, GPS track can be logged. Airlog tracking has been implemented to save your battery : 1 measure per minute by default and GPS put to off after a measure.
Release 1.9:
Status: released on 2012-05-21.
What's new in this release:
- Allows multiple device to sync with the same account (Sync Server-to-device enabled).
- Fix bug when setting altitude value of a place.
- Improve auto-refresh of data after a sync.
Release 1.7/1.8:
Status: released on 2012-05-01.
What's new in this release:
- Save and share your data online (
Release 1.6:
Status: released on 2012-04-09.
What's new in this release:
- English unit for distance and altitude (miles and feet).
- Flight filter: if year is blank: all flight are displayed.
Release 1.5:
Status: released on 2012-02-21.
What's new in this release:
- Add 3 new flight types : Tandem, Balade and Navigation.
- Display the correct number of flight in the main page.
Release 1.4:
Status: released on 2012-01-11.
What's new in this release:
- Total air time on the main page.
- Improve backup system.
Release 1.3:
Status: released on 2011-11-04.
What's new in this release:
- iOS 5 improvments.
- German translation.
Release 1.2:
Status: released on 2011-09-14.
What's new in this release:
- In "Edit Site" screen, set the site location from a map (search location and double-tap to set the position).
- Fix bug, first time opening "Edit site" screen, map was not correctly initialized.
- In One-click-flight, list of endPlace is set when GPS returns current location.
Release 1.1:
Status: released on 2011-09-06.
What's new in this release:
- Fix a bug in one-click-flight function: Landing place was always set to Taking-off place.